Garrison Lefford is a nobleman from House Lefford in the Westerlands.

History Edit

Garrison is a member of House Lefford. He is described as fat and jovial.

Important Events Edit

Fifth Era Edit

Garrison introduced himself to Damon Lannister while the King was at Casterly Rock, expressing a desire to aid him in repairing his poor standing amongst the lords of the Westerlands.

Sixth Era Edit

Garrison sailed to King's Landing aboard the King's personal ship when it was delivered to the capital. He reiterated his desire to help, providing specific and unsolicited advice as well as encouraging Damon to resume drinking again. He became an overbearing presence in the capital, much to the Lannister King's dismay.

Family Members Edit

Flement Lefford, relation unclear

Lothar Lefford, nephew

Quotes Edit

"[Garrison Lefford] seemed as he had in Casterly Rock, portly and full of energy. He had a thick yellow mustache and mutton chops to match a regal looking mane, and a slender sort of face that seemed to suggest he hadn't always been so large around the middle." - thoughts of Damon Lannister