Gawen Glover is the Lord of House Glover and their seat Deepwood Motte. He was born in 478 AC.

History Edit

Gawen grew up at Deepwood Motte as the Heir of House Glover.

He began brawling the other boys at an early age and was encouraged by his father to show strength. At seventeen he slew his first foe.

Some time after his twentieth nameday he was wed to Alys Tallhart and together they have three children.

Important events Edit

Sixth Era Edit

Family Edit

  • Galbart Glover, father, deceased.
  • Beth Glover, mother, deceased.
    • Gawen Glover, Lord of Deepwood Motte.
    • Alys Glover née Tallhart, Lady of Deepwood Motte, wife.
      • Sansa Glover, daughter.
      • Galbart Glover, Heir to Deepwood Motte, son.
      • Robett Glover, son.

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