Gelmar is a young Thenn tribal beyond the Wall.

History Edit

Gelmar was born to Ryk and Frenya in the southernmost village of the Valley of Thenn. He became close friends with a girl named Rowa as a child.

Important Events Edit

Sixth Era Edit

Gelmar joined a search party led by the Magnar to find a missing group of hunters which included his father outside of the valley. The host discovered that the hunters had been all killed, and upon confronting the tribe of Hornfoots responsible, both groups were set upon by Vellath, who ended the confrontation by attacking and killing many on both sides. Gelmar was saved by Rowa, who kept him going on the long trek home.

During their journey back to the Valley the pair came across Danya, a representative of a man named Oslaf, who informed them of gathering tribes to the south after being driven from their lands by the dragon.

Seventh Era Edit

Upon returning the the Valley with Danya, Gelmar and Rowa were present as she pleaded her case to the Magnar and the Elders for them to join with Oslaf. After deliberation the Magnar announced that the Thenns would march south to join Oslaf.

Quotes Edit

“Styr won’t let y’ practice, boy?” he finally said after his laugh subsided. “So y’ just come up here instead of standing up to my son? That what that cunt Ryk teaches you to do, run away instead of fighting?” - Urron

Family Members Edit

Ryk - Father, missing

Frenya - Mother

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