Glendon Glover is the second born son of Lord Donnor Glover and is currently second in line to Deepwood Motte

History Edit

Glendon Glover was the second born son of Lord Donnor Glover, where he was second born it was unlikely he would ever be the inheritor of the Deepwood, he always felt cheated because he was the second born and where his brother excelled in sword play in commanding armies Glendon excelled in diplomacy and stewardship,he was a very cunning boy that would impress even the most shady of men, at the age of sixteen he was able to swindle five soldiers and other lowborns to be his personal servants, he even was able to convince a handmaiden in kings landing to be his informant to what is going on in the capital

Important Events Edit

Quotes Edit

Family Members Edit

Lord Donnor Glover, Father

Benjen Glover, Brother

Arnell Snow, Half Brother

Jez Glover, Sister

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