Ser Godry Borrell was the captain of the City Watch of King's Landing, also known as the gold cloaks.

Recent HistoryEdit

First Era:

Godry Borrell commanded the gold cloaks during the sack of King's Landing, but surrendered to the Lannister forces early on in the battle. He remained commander of the City Watch after bending the knee to the newly crowned King Damon Lannister.

Second Era:

During the second era it was Godry Borrell who arrested Laenor Velaryon by order of Loren Lannister for the part the Lord Spiritual played in the trial of Aeslyn Targaryen. The commander of the City Watch also played a role in the subsequent torture of Laenor, although it was Loren who took the man's eye and ear.

When a group of thieves naming themselves the Fleas managed to steal supplies, weapons, and armor from the gold cloak's armory Godry was deemed unfit for his position. Due to his failure in capturing those responsible for past thefts and after being found drunk during the latter ones Godry was hanged and Titus became the new commander.

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