The Golden Spurs is a prestigious knightly order in the Westerlands. Knights of the order are identifiable by the golden spurs they wear on their boots. Though they hold no formal political offices, they are a powerful voice in the West.

Overview Edit

The Golden Spurs were given the gift of a restored Tarbeck Hall for the home of their order from King Damon Lannister in the Seventh Era as part of an attempt to smooth relations between the ruler and his kingdom. A tourney was held to celebrate the beginning of its reconstruction.

The Golden Spurs are some of the most vocal opponents of Ser Benfred "Backheart" Tanner and often petition for the removal of his spurs along with the spurs of other such knights they deem unworthy of the title.

Notable Members Edit

Gunthor Lannister, deceased

Lothar Lefford

Ser Ellery, a high-ranking council member

Ser Branston

Ser Amory

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