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This wikipage is for the roleplay subreddit for A Song of Ice and Fire.  GOTRP is a roleplay subreddit created in January 2014. The events of the sub take place in the universe of the A Song of Ice and Fire books, 200 years after the conclusion of the series. New users may join the sub through the welcome thread.

Two hundred years after the events of A Song of Ice and Fire, Westeros seemed to enjoy relative peace. The alliances among the great houses of the seven kingdoms remained mostly true to how they were in antiquity: the Tyrells and Martells were still bitter towards each other, Hightower plotted in silence against their liege lords,House Harlaw dreamt of driftwood crowns, Starks and Lannisters gave each other a wide berth, and the Freys remained close with the lions. Baelish ruled in the Riverlands, Arryn in the Vale, Lannister in the Westerlands, Greyjoy in the Iron Islands, Baratheon in the Stormlands and Crownlands, Martell in Dorne, and Stark in the North.

The Lord Commander and his black brothers at the Wall still fought to keep the White Walkers and the Wildlings at bay. The Golden Company still sought to return, although now from their stout keep on the isle of Bloodstone.

Though none opposed the King openly, the great houses were power hungry and scheming and plotting for a chance to get closer to the crown. The King, Harys Baratheon was a strong man, though naive and rash. He kept his friends close and frustrated his bannermen. Not one to turn down a fight, he was ready to turn to war at the first sign of a threat. Into this turmoil, the King threw a feast to celebrate the beginning of the new year. Here like in times gone past, the High Lords began their Game of Thrones anew. 


The War of Five Kings


The Following Two Centuries

After the War of Five Kings, the Baratheons held the throne for two hundred years. Below is their line of succession. 

Stannis Baratheon

Edric Baratheon

Davos Baratheon

Trystane Baratheon

Orys Baratheon

Lyonel Baratheon

Durran Baratheon

Orys II Baratheon

Renly Baratheon

Harys Baratheon

First Era

The first era began with the reign of King Harys Baratheon, son of Renly II Baratheon, who would be remembered as the “Lord of Seven Courses” and the “King of Feasts.”

Harys Baratheon was a strong warrior, but his reign was marred by political missteps. He managed the crown’s finances poorly, and shunned his Lord Paramounts by appointing personal friends to his small council. He held a feast to celebrate the new year and appease his vassals, but his rule began to deteriorate when he appointed Alester Targaryen, the ward of his late father, as Hand of the King shortly thereafter.

Varyo Velaryon of Driftmark held a council at Bloodstone to propose placing Aerion Blackfyre on the throne. Several high lords attended, including Loren Lannister, the Warden of the West. He and Lord Velaryon plotted in secret to kill the Blackfyre king after securing the throne and place Loren’s son Damon Lannister on the throne instead, after hastily wedding him to Aeslyn Targaryen.

Lord Gylen Hightower kidnapped Maude Tyrell, the oldest daughter of Lord Baelor, and held her in secret at Oldtown. King Harys, who had been courting the young rose, marched with his entire strength to the port city, encouraged by Master of Whisperers Rymar Royce, who had been deliberately sabotaging the Baratheon’s rule.

When the King entered Oldtown it was discovered that Hightower had purchased the Golden Company. King Harys was livid, but could find neither proof of wrongdoing nor any evidence that Maude Tyrell was being held captive in the city. Troy Tyrell broke the guest right by laying hands on Lord Gylen in a fit of anger, prompting Hightower to order them out of his city.

While the King and his forces were in the Reach, Varyo Velaryon led sellsword companies to the capital. Aemon Estermont, Master of Ships and brother by marriage to Loren Lannister, opened Blackwater Bay and the Mud Gate to the invaders, who seized the Red Keep. Once inside, the Lion’s Gate was opened and Damon Lannister led thirty thousand soldiers in a sack of the city. 

Aerion Blackfyre was crowned King, but Varyo Valaryon murdered him shortly thereafter, earning the man the nickname “The Two Minute King.” Damon Lannister was then declared Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and the North, the Reach, the Iron Islands, The Vale and the West declared for him. Dorne and the Riverlands remained neutral, and the Stormlands rebelled under the command of Ser Ulrich Dayne of Harys' kingsguard. The usurper king joined Lord Orys Connington in squashing the rebellion and the Griffin was given the Lord Paramountcy. 

In the culmination of the war of the Ascent of the Lion, King Harys Baratheon led his men along with those of House Tyrell against the usurper in a great battle outside the Kingswood. Harys ultimately lost the battle and his life, ending the winter season and the first era. 

Second Era

At the start of the second era, King Damon Lannister travelled to Dorne to negotiate peace with Princess Sarella Martell and attend her wedding to Martyn Dayne. As part of the truce, he brought Rickon Baratheon, the only child of Harys Baratheon, to be warded at the Water Gardens.

While returning to King's Landing, the King's party was set upon by Martell soldiers disguised as Baratheon loyalists. Ulrich Dayne intervened, saving the life of the King and betraying his paramour princess.

While the King was waylaid in the desert, Sarella Martell plotted with Varyo Velaryon to take down Aeslyn Targaryen, whose madness was beginning to cause problems for the crown. The Grand Maester, Orin Baratheon, had begun exchanging letters with the Dornish Princess after the death of Prince Aryyn Martell, and urged her to support Danae Targaryen as queen due to her proving in Essos.

Laenor Velaryon and Rymar Royce conspired to try Queen Aeslyn for adultery at the behest of Sarella Martell and Varyo Velaryon, as she had been having an affair with Robert Manderly, the Commander of the Golden Company. Before she could be found guilty, a sympathetic Laenor helped her escape the Red Keep and flee across the narrow sea.

Shortly thereafter, Thaddius Lannister faked his own death at the hands of sigiless archers in order to go to Winterfell and continue a secret relationship with Jojen Stark, the Lord Paramount of the North. In a fit of grief at the death of his son and paranoia as a result of the trying of the queen, Loren Lannister ordered the hanging of any sigiless archers and tortured Laenor Velaryon before sending him to the Wall.

At the news of his cousin's exile and Loren's rage, Varyo Velaryon decided to not return to the capital. He fled across the narrow sea where he became Prince of Lys after successfully overthrowing the magisters.

Danae Targaryen took her dragon and her army to Storm's End, where she defeated Edric Baratheon and reclaimed her family's seat. The Baratheons were all thought to be killed on the island, but Cleos Baratheon managed to escape. Danae married Damon Lannister sometime later, and made a pact with Sarella Martell to marry their heirs in exchange for Sarella's role in making her queen. 

King Damon marched on the Riverlands after the mysterious death of Randyll Frey, forcing a surrender from the Baelishes at Harrenhal. Lord Marq Baelish and his younger sister Alia both fled, and Edwin Frey was named Lord Paramount of the kingdom, since Randyll's son and heir Brynden Frey was believed dead. The kingdom was being overrun by bandits such as the Burning Hand's Men after Aeron Greyjoy pillaged the Riverlands at the King's command.

In the North, an argument between Jojen and Thaddius Lannister led to the Lion's return to the capital and his family. Rhaegar Targaryen was elected Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, but his open lust for the Iron Throne created tensions among the brothers. Artos Harclay, with support from the Lord Stark, successfully petitioned Rheagar to reopen the Nightfort. In an attempt to weaken the Stark's rule as retaliation for his relationship with Thaddius, the Greyjoys led a series of raids along the northern coast at Loren Lannister's command.

Third Era

The third era began with the onslaught of major flooding throughout much of Westeros, or what the smallfolk refer to as the "Spring Without Sun," and the death of Lord Loren Lannister. The Hand of the King suffered a heart attack after engaging in a heated argument with his son, seemingly disowning the King with his dying breath. Nathaniel Arryn was named the new Hand, and Eon Crakehall replaced him as Master of Laws.

Brynden Frey returned to the Twins and began plotting to take the paramountcy from Lord Edwin. 

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