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GameofthronesRP is a storytelling role-play subreddit created in January 2014. The events of the sub take place in the universe of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books, 200 years after the conclusion of the series. New users may join the sub through the sorting/submission thread. For the narrative version of our sub's story, check out Blood and Whispers.


The War of Five Kings

The War of Five Kings ended with the coronation of Stannis Baratheon.

The Following Two Centuries

After the War of Five Kings, the Baratheons held the throne for two hundred years. Below is their line of succession. Click this link for a visual timeline.

Stannis Baratheon

Edric Baratheon

Davos Baratheon

Trystane Baratheon

Orys Baratheon

Lyonel Baratheon

Durran Baratheon

Orys II Baratheon

Renly Baratheon

Harys Baratheon

First Era

500 - 501AC

The first era began with the reign of King Harys Baratheon, son of Renly II Baratheon, who would be remembered as the “Lord of Seven Courses” and the “King of Feasts.”

Harys Baratheon was a strong warrior, but his reign was marred by political missteps. He managed the crown’s finances poorly, and shunned his Lord Paramounts by appointing personal friends to his small council. He held a feast to celebrate the new year and appease his vassals, but his rule began to deteriorate when he appointed Alester Targaryen, the ward of his late father, as Hand of the King shortly thereafter.

Varyo Velaryon of Driftmark held a council at Bloodstone to propose placing Aerion Blackfyre on the throne. Several high lords attended, including Loren Lannister, the Warden of the West. He and Lord Velaryon plotted in secret to kill the Blackfyre king after securing the throne and place Loren’s son Damon Lannister on the throne instead, after hastily wedding him to Aeslyn Targaryen.

Lord Gylen Hightower kidnapped Maude Tyrell, the oldest daughter of Lord Baelor, and held her in secret at Oldtown. King Harys, who had been courting the young rose, marched with his entire strength to the port city, encouraged by Master of Whisperers Rymar Royce, who had been deliberately sabotaging the Baratheon’s rule.

When the King entered Oldtown it was discovered that Hightower had purchased the Golden Company. King Harys was livid, but could find neither proof of wrongdoing nor any evidence that Maude Tyrell was being held captive in the city. Troy Tyrell broke the guest right by laying hands on Lord Gylen in a fit of anger, prompting Hightower to order them out of his city.

While the King and his forces were in the Reach, Varyo Velaryon led sellsword companies to the capital. Aemon Estermont, Master of Ships and brother by marriage to Loren Lannister, opened Blackwater Bay and the Mud Gate to the invaders, who seized the Red Keep. Once inside, the Lion’s Gate was opened and Damon Lannister led thirty thousand soldiers in a sack of the city. 

Aerion Blackfyre was crowned King, but Varyo Valaryon murdered him shortly thereafter, earning the man the nickname “The Two Minute King.” Damon Lannister was then declared Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and the North, the Reach, the Iron Islands, The Vale and the West declared for him. Dorne and the Riverlands remained neutral, and the Stormlands rebelled under the command of Ser Ulrich Dayne of Harys' kingsguard. The usurper king joined Lord Orys Connington in squashing the rebellion and the Griffin was given the Lord Paramountcy. 

In the culmination of the war of the Ascent of the Lion, King Harys Baratheon led his men along with those of House Tyrell against the usurper in a great battle outside the Kingswood. Harys ultimately lost the battle and his life, ending the winter season and the first era. 

Second Era

501 - 502AC

At the start of the second era, King Damon Lannister travelled to Dorne to negotiate peace with Princess Sarella Martell and attend her wedding to Martyn Dayne. As part of the truce, he brought Rickon Baratheon, the only child of Harys Baratheon, to be warded at the Water Gardens.

While returning to King's Landing, the King's party was set upon by Martell soldiers disguised as Baratheon loyalists. Ulrich Dayne intervened, saving the life of the King and betraying his paramour princess.

While the King was waylaid in the desert, Sarella Martell plotted with Varyo Velaryon to take down Aeslyn Targaryen, whose madness was beginning to cause problems for the crown. The Grand Maester, Orin Baratheon, had begun exchanging letters with the Dornish Princess after the death of Prince Aryyn Martell, and urged her to support Danae Targaryen as queen due to her proving in Essos.

Laenor Velaryon and Rymar Royce conspired to try Queen Aeslyn for adultery at the behest of Sarella Martell and Varyo Velaryon, as she had been having an affair with Robert Manderly, the Commander of the Golden Company. Before she could be found guilty, a sympathetic Laenor helped her escape the Red Keep and flee across the narrow sea.

Shortly thereafter, Thaddius Lannister faked his own death at the hands of sigiless archers in order to go to Winterfell and continue a secret relationship with Jojen Stark, the Lord Paramount of the North. In a fit of grief at the death of his son and paranoia as a result of the trying of the queen, Loren Lannister ordered the hanging of any sigiless archers and tortured Laenor Velaryon before sending him to the Wall.

At the news of his cousin's exile and Loren's rage, Varyo Velaryon decided to not return to the capital. He fled across the narrow sea where he became Prince of Lys after successfully overthrowing the magisters.

Danae Targaryen took her dragon and her army to Dragonstone, where she defeated Edric Baratheon and reclaimed her family's seat. The Baratheons were all thought to be killed on the island, but Cleos Baratheon managed to escape. Danae married Damon Lannister sometime later, and made a pact with Sarella Martell to marry their heirs in exchange for Sarella's role in making her queen. 

King Damon marched on the Riverlands after the mysterious death of Randyll Frey, forcing a surrender from the Baelishes at Harrenhal. Lord Marq Baelish and his younger sister Alia both fled, and Edwin Frey was named Lord Paramount of the kingdom, since Randyll's son and heir Brynden Frey was believed dead. The kingdom was being overrun by bandits such as the Burning Hand's Men after Aeron Greyjoy pillaged the Riverlands at the King's command.

In the North, an argument between Jojen and Thaddius Lannister led to the Lion's return to the capital and his family. Rhaegar Targaryen was elected Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, but his open lust for the Iron Throne created tensions among the brothers. Artos Harclay, with support from the Lord Stark, successfully petitioned Rheagar to reopen the Nightfort. In an attempt to weaken the Stark's rule as retaliation for his relationship with Thaddius, the Greyjoys led a series of raids along the northern coast at Loren Lannister's command.

Third Era

502 - 504AC

The third era began with the onslaught of major flooding throughout much of Westeros, or what the smallfolk referred to as the "Spring Without Sun," and the death of Lord Loren Lannister. The Hand of the King suffered a heart attack after confronting Damon about the return of his brother Thaddius. Ulrich Dayne was the one who informed Loren of his son's return, and was arrested for breaking his oath to keep the King's secrets. Nathaniel Arryn was named the new Hand, and Eon Crakehall replaced him as Master of Laws. Ser Arthur Swyft ambushed the Burning Hand's Men at the Oldstones, capturing or killing the majority of the bandits. Archmaester Paxtor was elected Grand Maester by the Conclave, with Arch Maester Tommen taking the role of Seneschal.

Sarella Martell arrived in the capital with her husband to assume her Small Council position. King Damon led Martyn Dayne to question the parentage of his child, suggesting that Ulrich was the father. Ulrich demanded a trial by combat for breaking his oaths and Damon called for a champion to volunteer, prompting an angry Martyn to offer. Martyn killed his brother in single combat. A Reachman tresspassing in Dorne also heightened tensions between the two kingdoms, despite Eon Crakehall's efforts to keep the peace. The Master of Laws created the Kingswood Cloaks in order to lower crime in the Kingswood after a successful routing of the Kingswood Children.

Brynden Frey returned to the Twins and began plotting to take the paramouncy from Lord Edwin. He rallied the support of key Riverlands houses and petitioned the King to support his claim. Queen Danae Targaryen fled the capital after a heated argument with Damon and returned to Dragonstone where she began training her dragon in earnest, contemplating severing her alliance with the throne. Lord Gylen Hightower noted her absence and withdrew his support for the crown at the feast honoring the new Hand, predicting a dragon attack on King's Landing and causing many lords and ladies to panic. Children of high houses in the Reach were taken as hostages under the guise of castle positions in preparation for a possible war with the Reach. In Oldtown, Gylen placed Ashara Lannister under guard in the Hightower, likewise preparing for war. 

At the tournament of the Hand, Jojen Stark arrived as a mystery knight, reuniting with Thaddius Lannister despite the King's warnings of retaliation. Cortland Darry, in a fit of rage after losing the archery competition to a bastard from the Westerlands, murdered three smallfolk children and their caretaker Myg brought the issue before the Iron Throne.

In the North, Artos Harclay led a revolt against Rhaegar Targaryen, seizing Castle Black and arresting the Lord Commander for oathbreaking due to his intentions of taking the Iron Throne. Across the narrow sea, the War of the New Princes ended and after a coup in Meereen, Cleos Baratheon managed to obtain a small army of unsullied. In Lys, Varyo Velaryon was reunited with his brother Daelys, and formed an alliance with Myr by marrying his nephew Aedan to a Magister's daughter.

The third era ended when Gylen Hightower called his banners and declared the Reach an independent kingdom.

Fourth Era

504 - 505AC

At the Wall, Artos Harclay executed Rhaegar II Targaryen and took command of the Night's Watch, becoming its 1009th Lord Commander. Rhaegar's dragon, Vellath, flew north of the wall. Jojen Stark returned to Winterfell with Thaddius Lannister, where an argument resulted in the apparent death of the Lannister. Meanwhile, Symeon Stark sought to smuggle Thaddius' bastard child to King's Landing, but lost the babe upon his arrival in the city. He was imprisoned for disturbing the peace, and King Damon wrote to Jojen offering an exchange of brothers. Jojen did not respond, and Rymar Royce later produced the bastard child.

Brynden Frey successfully wrested control of the Riverlands from his uncle, but only after making major concessions to the Faith which slowly gained power in the squalor of the Riverlands, several Septons rising up to guide the masses.

Ferment Redwyne was named King Gylen Hightower’s Hand and both the Arbor Fleet and the Royal Fleet set sail. Redwyne defeated Aemon Estermont at the Battle for the Straits, shedding first blood in the War of the False King. While Hightower’s seapower was distracted at the Arbor, Dagon Greyjoy led the Iron Fleet and captured the Shield Islands before sailing up the Mander and taking Highgarden. A forged letter from Ashara Lannister drew King Damon Lannister and his forces from King’s Landing to Oldtown, where they met with the armies of the Westerlands led by Lyle Crakehall.

At Dragonstone, Princess Sarella Martell urged the Queen to seize the Iron Throne for herself, against the counsel of Prince Varyo Velaryon of Lys. Ultimately, Danae flew her dragon to Oldtown, where she burned the Reach fleet in the harbor and then confronted King Gylen atop the Hightower, where he held Ashara Lannister hostage. Persion killed Gylen, his flame striking the pyre atop the Hightower as well, causing it to burn more intensely as the fourth era came to a close.

Fifth Era

505 - 507AC

After agreeing to divide power equally, Danae Targaryen and Damon Lannister formed House Lannister Targaryen as the ruling house of Westeros. The Queen was poisoned at Highgarden while returning to the capital. For saving her life, Damon granted Olyvar Tyrell his request to be freed from his maester’s chain and declared the head of his father’s house. Once in King’s Landing, an heir to the throne was born and efforts were undertaken to improve the thruways of Westeros.

The Small Council underwent a series of changes. Lord Nathaniel Arryn, who had succumbed to grief over the suicide of his wife, had become an ineffective Hand and was sent back to the Eyrie, replaced by Lord Aemon Estermont. Lady Alannys Greyjoy became the Master of Ships. Lord Orys Connington, who had disobeyed the King’s command during the War of the False King, was sacked from his position as Master of Coin and replaced by a lowborn coin counter who had worked under Lord Loren Lannister at Casterly Rock.

At a feast held in honor of the new diarchy, Lord Redwyne attempted to poison the monarchs as revenge for punitive measures taken at the end of the War of the False King. His plan failed, and while he managed to escape the castle, he was later killed by Ser Benfred Tanner, who claimed for his reward a position in the Red Keep. The Ironborn occupied the Arbor afterwards, and Morgryn Redwyne was declared the new head of the house.

Rymar Royce, the Master of Whispers, fled King’s Landing due to his wilting allegiance to the crown and was killed in Lys, but not before revealing the truth about Damon Lannister’s parentage to an ambitious High Septon. Ghael the Tall, his replacement, assassinated the Faith’s leader along with several prominent members of the conclave. Ghael was brought to the capital by Andrey Sand, brother to Princess Sarella Martell, as a favor to the Queen. In a deliberate attempt to upset her claim, Damon rewarded Andrey with legitimization, kickstarting a civil war in Dorne which was further complicated by the simultaneous rebellion of House Yronwood. A misunderstanding involving a brothel along with lies about the High Septon’s death prompted a newly pregnant Danae to banish Damon to the Westerlands, where he attempted to repair his reputation amongst his bannermen.

With Lady Alannys Greyjoy called away to the Small Council, the Iron Islands were left in the care of her son. Aeron quickly alienated and insulted a number of his vassals, losing the loyalty of his father’s long time friend, Gelmar Goodbrother, and cutting the few ties remaining between House Greyjoy and House Harlaw. During this time, rumors of a kraken sighting became widespread, and soon afterwards, Lord Aeron disappeared when his ship capsized in a violent gale off the coast of SaltCliffe.

In the North, Rhaegar Targaryen’s dragon continued to roam free, growing in size and hunting freely beyond the Wall, driving man and beast alike south. While ranging, Artos Harclay encountered several Direwolf pups, which he brought to Lord Jojen Stark along with his concerns about the North. After Thaddius Lannister was poisoned at a Winterfell feast, much of the kingdom remained on edge, fearing the crown’s impending wrath.

Across the narrow sea, war broke out between Tyrosh and Pentos after a Pentoshi feud spilled over into the other Free City. Complicating matters was the involvement of Dorne, whose envoys were caught in the crossfire. Prince Varyo of Lys held a peace summit afterwards in an attempt to stabilize the region, which had remained incredibly volatile since the War of the New Princes.

The fifth era concluded when an astronomical phenomena that Grand Maester Paxtor had been observing came to fruition in a week-long event of shimmering, flashing strands of lights in the night sky. Daena, the second child of House Lannister Targaryen was born. 

Sixth Era

507 - 509AC

Seventh Era

509 -

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