Grazdan zo Pahl is a Meereenese Master Serjeant of the Company of the Cat. He is the commander of the free company's cavalry.

History Edit

Grazdan was born a seventh son of the ancient House of Pahl slaver family of Meereen. He was unruly as a child and grew bored of his pampered life. He served a three year term with the Iron Legion of New Ghis. Following his time locking and stepping, Grazdan joined the Long Lances free company where he fought in numerous campaigns in the disputed lands. During one such battle, Ser Olyvar Jordayne saved Grazdan's life when the latter charged into an ambush. From that day on the Ghiscari joined the Company of the Cat and holds a fierce loyalty to the old knight.

The two friends rose through the company's ranks with Ser Olyvar eventually becoming its captain. Grazdan reached the rank of Master Serjeant and was given command of the cavalry. He has also lead the company on occasions where Ser Olyvar was absent.

Recent Events Edit

Sixth Era Edit

Grazdan lead the Company of the Cat to Norvos when Captains Ser Olyvar Jordayne and Cleos Baratheon rode ahead to negotiate a contract with the Free City's magisters.

He developped a heated rivalry with Patrek Baratheon.

Quotes Edit

“You may name me Serjeant Grazdan, Dārys Hubre.” - Grazdan to Patrek Baratheon

Family Edit

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