Ulrick Dondarrion

Gregor Dondarrion is the second son of the late Drennan Dondarrion and the current Lord of Blackhaven.

History Edit

Gregor Dondarrion was born in the year 488AC and was the second son of Drennan Dondarrion. His early life was spent at Blackhaven until he was taken on as a squire by his uncle, Durran. He encouraged his uncle to travel as often as possible to sate his curiosity of the world, which resulted in them following multiple tourneys around Westeros and even a trip to the Free Cities. He was knighted by Durran when he was seventeen for the valour and swordsmanship he showed when dealing with a group of outlaws in the Red Mountains.

Only a year prior, his brother, Ulrick, died when he was thrown from his horse and drowned when crossing a river. When Drennan died in 506AC, lordship passed to Gregor.

Important Events Edit

Fifth Era Edit

Family Members Edit

Drennan Dondarrion, father (deceased)

Ulrick Dondarrion, brother (deceased)

Allyria Dondarrion, sister

Durran Dondarrion, uncle

Quotes Edit

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