Gulian Qorgyle

Gulian Qorgyle is the second son of Lord Harmen Qorgyle. He is of Sand Dornish and Salt Dornish heritage.

History Edit

At an early age, Gulian and his older half-brother Maron (by two years) were sent away to the Water Gardens to join the other nobleborn children there and enjoy their childhood at the ancient Martell palace. It is rumoured that Lord Harmen removed the boys from Sandstone to ensure their safety. The validity of these rumours has never been revealed.

Gulian was a mischievous youth. Whilst at the Water Gardens, he met Tyene and Daemon - twin bastard children from a lesser Dornish house.

Later, Harmen agreed that Gulian would squire at Lemonwood under Lord Dalt.

Recent History Edit

First Era Edit

Gulian was knighted by Lord Dalt. Afterwards, he sought out adventure in Essos.

Fifth Era Edit

Driven by a desire to return to Sandstone, Gulian landed at Plankytown and began the long-ride west to the holdfast. During the journey, he came across two old friends - the bastard siblings, Tyene and Daemon - who decided to join him for the time being.

Quotes Edit

Family Members Edit

Harmen Qorgyle, father (deceased)

Elia Sand, mother

Maron Qorgyle, half-brother

Tremond Qorgyle, uncle

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