Hallis Grandison 3

Hallis Grandison is the current Lord of House Grandison of Grandview.

History Edit

Born in 473 AC, a bastard of House Grandison. Hallis spent much of his youth serving the house as a servant. Lord Grandison always treated him kindly despite the fact that Lady Grandison hated him. The growing animosity between Hallis and his father's wife lead to an arrangement where he would become the squire to and elderly knight when he was fourteen.

For the next two years Hallis fulfilled his duties as a squire. But one day a letter arrived detailing the death of both the Lord and Lady Grandison. Due to Lady Grandison's inability to birth and heir, Hallis' father petitioned King Harys Baratheon to legitimize him when he felt himself become ill. After returning to Grandview he became its Lord, after which he was forced to quickly wed and produce heirs due to a fear of the bloodline dying out.

Family Members Edit

Alyce Grandison (nee Cafferen), wife (deceased)

Edric Grandison, son

Wylis Grandison, son

Lucas Grandison, son

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