Harlan Lannett is the heir to Nunn's Deep, and the castellan of Harrenhal.

History Edit

Harlan was fostered at Casterly Rock as a boy. He is described as kind, though he has a penchant for drinking and whoring and has shown himself to be at times without much honor or intellect.

Important Events Edit

First Era Edit

Harlan was able to gain some minor glory leading the first van through the gate at King's Landing during the sack. He was acknowledged by Damon Lannister after the battle at Stonehelm, where he was granted the position of Captain of the House Guard in the Red Keep for his bravery and skill.

Second Era Edit

Harlan led a small group of soldiers to the Braavosi Sealord's quarters during the wedding of Damon Lannister and Danae Targaryen, where he seized the bastard children of Aeslyn Targaryen and brought them to Rymar Royce.

Fourth Era Edit

Harlan was appointed the castellan of Harrenhal after House Greyjoy forfeited the castle for fear of its cost and curse. He styled himself its Lord in private, as a means to impress women.

Fifth Era Edit

Joanna Plumm was escorted to the Riverlands to wed Harlan at the order of Queen Danae Targaryen, as punishment for a past affair with Damon Lannister (though this reason was not shared with the Lannett).

Quotes Edit

“'[[[Walder Lannett|Walder]]] says she should be honoured to bed him,' he explained, in a tone that Damon noted uneasily was exactly how Harlan would speak of his conquests." - Lord Byron Lannett, justifying his son's rape of a lowborn serving girl

Family Members Edit

Byron Lannett, father

Walder Lannett, brother

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