Harlan Sunglass, or Young Lord Harlan is the current head of House Sunglass and Lord of Sweetport Sound. He is nephew to Ser Ryman Sunglass.


Harlan was born the youngest child of Lord Guncer Sunglass by his second wife. His two sisters were fifteen and twenty years older than him, and the eldest, Tysha , had been expected to inherit Sweetport Sound upon her father's death, with the Lord already being forty at the time of Harlan's birth. 

Lord Guncer died when Harlan was nine, leaving the boy in charge of the Sunglass lands. Harlan's Lady mother Rylene Bar Emmon and his uncle Wyman Sunglass served as regent and castellan respectivly. Harlan became a quite serious, kind and quietly religious boy, who has spent most of his life a Lord.

Recent HistoryEdit

First EraEdit

The now thirteen year old Lord was present for the Tourney at Harrenhal with his mother. He left the mainland soon after as hostilities broke out.

Second EraEdit

Harlan became squire for Daena Celtigar until her death. He remained at court as one of King Damon Lannister's courtiers.

Fourth EraEdit

Upon the outbreak of the War of the False King, he returned with his mother to Sweetport Sound where he has remained since.


Family MembersEdit

Guncer Sunglass - Father (deceased)

Rylene Bar Emmon - Mother

Tysha Sunglass - Eldest Sister

Rhaelle Sunglass - Elder Sister (deceased)

Ryman Sunglass - Uncle

Wyman Sunglass - Uncle

Marei Bar Emmon - Maternal Grandmother

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