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Ser Harlen Ashford is a knight from the Reach and the second son of Lord Bael Ashford.


Harlen was born in 483 AC to Lord Bael Ashford and lady Maerie Ashford. On his fifth name day, Harlen was sent to be fostered as a ward at Oldtown under the supervision of Lord Gylen Hightower. He worked odd jobs about the castle and learned to appreciate the finer things in life.

On his twelfth name day, Harlen was raised to the rank of squire where he served and trained dutifully, taking particular interest in the lance and ignoring most other weapons.

Harlen earned his knighthood when he was nine and ten after he won a tournament at Starpike. He was knighted by Lord Peake. Harlen continued winning fame in tournaments but remained faithful to Gerold Hightower with whom he became friends.

Recent HistoryEdit

Fourth EraEdit

Harlen escaped the battle of Horn Hill along with Gerold Hightower as King Damon Lannister burned his way through the Reach. Upon his return to Oldtown, Harlen and his companions were dubbed "Men of the Reach" to commemorate their gallant escape. Harlen fought with Gerold Hightower after lady Ashara Lannister was kidnapped by Gylen and taken to the top of the Hightower. During the battle, Harlen broke his collar bone to save Gerold's life.

Fifth EraEdit

Harlen was pardoned by Queen Danae Targaryen under the condition that he find the missing Freya Webber. Robert Waters joined Harlen on his quest as the two set off for Coldmoat. Harlen and his squire were lead down the Gold Road by a begging brother. Harlen was accused of heresy by the Mother, a member of the Divine Company. Harlen was judged innocent but his squire was taken by the knights of the Divine Company. Harlen dueled an inquisitor to free his squire and fled with him towards King's Landing.

Family MembersEdit

Bael Ashford, father

Maerie Ashford, mother

Baelon Ashford, older brother

Maege Ashford, younger sister


"He's very dashing."Melessa Merryweather

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