Harma is a wildling and a mother of six. She leads a small clan just north of the Wall.


History Edit

Her children were born of three separate men, all of which are deceased. She has a history of violence, but now would prefer to live peacefully in the clan that was built up around her.

Due to the losses of lovers, all of which gave Harma children, rumors of curses and witchcraft have spread, mostly from other free folk outside of her clan. Those who know her know that she is not a witch.

Important Events Edit

Seventh Era Edit

When Harma met with an enemy clan led by a man named Grigg, she was instead met with a messenger from a man known as Oslaf who was gathering free folk for his cause. Harma declined initially, but was swayed by her closest warriors to reconsider.

Family Edit

Meerwen, daughter

Drennan, son

Munda, daughter

Orren, son

Brynn, son

Maris, daughter

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