Harmen Qorgyle was the Lord of Sandstone before his death. He was a known drunkard, who rarely ruled in any capacity expected of him.

History Edit

During his youth, Harmen married a gentle and gracious lady from House Blackmont with a frail and delicate health. Their marriage was a short one, but it did produce his eldest son and first child.

It was known that he had already taken Elia Sand as his paramour and wasted no time in marrying her after his first wife's death. She gave him a second son, but also showed tendencies of hatred towards his firstborn. This was a point of contention in the marriage and would be one of the contributing factors for its breakdown.

Sometime during his children's youth, he sent them away to the Water Gardens. It is rumoured that this was because he was worried for their safety,

Harmen later became addicted to several vices, including alcohol. He rarely spent a day sober. As a result, his brother, Tremond, handled most of the duties as Castellan. However, Tremond later became disillusioned when Harmen never appreciated the efforts he made.

Recent History Edit

First Era Edit

Harmen and Elia's relationship broke down completely. The bastard had grown cynical and angered at how her husband smothered his eldest son whilst neglecting Guilan whilst Harmen grew suspicious and distrustful of his wife's sexual nature. Eventually, despite still being labelled as man and wife, Elia travelled away and took residence in her home at Salt Shore.

Fifth Era Edit

Harmen died from causes yet unknown.

Quotes Edit

Family Members Edit

Lynesse Blackmont, first wife (deceased)

Elia Sand, second wife

Maron Qorgyle, son

Gulian Qorgyle, son

Tremond Qorgyle, brother

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