Harrold Grimm

Harrold Grimm is the head of House Grimm and Lord of Greyshield.

History Edit

Harrold's childhood was cut short when his father was struck down in battle during the Second Greyjoy Rebellion. As heir, he ascended to the lordship of Greyshield, although his mother ruled as regent.

He squired under Ser Brandon Hewett, oft titled Bloodoak, a renowned fighter and uncle on his mother's side. Brandon tutored Harrold in the art of swordsmanship, becoming not only a role-model but a replacement father figure to the young Grimm.

Harrold was knighted at ten and eight, returning to Greyshield after pressure from his mother to marry. She planned a match between him and a Chester, but Harrold wed instead to Alicent Serry; a pretty maiden and childhood friend. After two miscarriages, she gave him a son, and later three daughters.

Through the years, Harrold became a strong leader and an even fiercer warrior.

Important Events Edit

First Era Edit

Harrold remained loyal to the Tyrells during the Ascent of the Lion.

Third Era Edit

At the behest of his brother, Harrold began making expansions to the Grimm's fleet.

Fourth Era Edit

Harrold titled Godric Grimm, who had become a political friend of Lord Gylen Hightower, captain of the fleet after some convincing.

When the War of the False King began, Harrold sent his wife and his daughters to Alicent's childhood home of Southshield for safety. He allowed Edric Grimm, his son, to stay and fight. During the siege of Grimston, Edric led a sortie and was torn from his horse. Harrold was forced to surrender, as Godric - now Master of Ships for Gylen Hightower - had fled with the Grimm fleet in a pre-arranged plan by the false king to surrender the Shield Islands for the benefit of the war.

The Grimm fleet was forfeited at the end of the war.

Fifth Era Edit

The loss of his son drove Harrold into a depression fueled by alcohol. He threw his brother in the cells upon his return in anger, but later released him.

Sixth Era Edit

Quotes Edit

Family Edit

Alicent Grimm, nee Serry - wife

Edric Grimm - son (deceased)

Alys Grimm - daughter

Alerie Grimm - daughter

Elinor Grimm - daughter

Godric Grimm - brother

Bethany Grimm, nee Hewett - mother

Donnel Grimm - father (deceased)

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