Ser Harys Inchfield is a knight of House Inchfield and son of Lord Theomore Inchfield.


Harys was born to Inchfield and his wife Lysa Inchfield, formerly of House Mullendore. When he reached the proper age he began to act as a page for his uncle, Ser Ralf Flowers, while his brother, Domeric Inchfield, did the same for their father.

Recent HistoryEdit

Third EraEdit

Shortly after Lord Gylen Hightower declared himself King in the Reach, Lord Theomore called up his available forces and declared his loyalty to the Hightowers, adding his men to the army of the Reach. Harys and his younger brother were both knighted at the same time, with Lord Theomore charging them with leading their house's soldiers into battle in his stead as his wounds from the Ascent of the Lion made him unfit for combat.

Fourth EraEdit

Harys, along with his brother, was taken as a hostage and held until the end of the War of the False King. Harys and his brother were forced to swear loyalty to House Lannister Targaryen before being ransomed back to their family. Once freed, they returned home to Castle Inchfield.

Family MembersEdit

Theomore Inchfield, father

Lysa Inchfield, mother

Domeric Inchfield, brother

Myriah Inchfield, sister

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