Helya Volmark is the only heir and legitimate daughter of Lord Maron Volmark and Quella Stonetree and commander of Leviathan's Folly.


History Edit

Having suffered a hard and tiring labour with Helya, Lady Quella was never again with babies and if she were, they died as soon as they came to light. Her husband, Maron Volmark, had relationships with other women, including Ragnar Ironheart's mother, even before Helya was born, with the goal of having a male heir.

Lady Stonetree as his rock wife, trained their daughter in the ways of the sea and fightining. Helya showed no resistance to her mother's teachings and neither did Maron, as uninterested as he was in his heir. Among her mother's strict teachings, Quella taught her daughter that she was inferior to nobody, much less her bastard half-brothers, who became her favourite victims.

As Helya grew, her cruelty grew along with her. The targets of her dagger throwing became her bastard siblings, instead of puppets. Many Pykes fell on the shores of Harlaw, either for a dagger in their head or drowned. Nobody knows if she did follow her mother's orders or simply her istinct but all bastards, male or female, had been killed by the young leviathan.

Despite being trained in marksmanship she prefers throwing poisoned daggers to her opponents. Her uncle, Torgon Volmark is the Volmark fleet's first mate while her mother is the commander de facto. Helya serves in her father's fleet or better her mother's.