Lord Hothor Velaryon is the eldest male bastard of Robert Velaryon. He is currently Lord of the Tides, and is 30, having been born in 475 AC. He has grey eyes, looks plain and hardy, except for a shock of pale hair.


Was born to a smallfolk woman in the town of Hull, his father took him after his mother's death soon after he was born. He was raised with the servants, with his father paying little attention to him. At the age of 10 however, his uncle Ser Lyn Velaryon saw him in a fight with some of the other serving children and ended up taking him as his squire. 

He is said to have been a fond friend of Daelys Velaryon, although constantly in his shadow.

Nine years ago, he married the daughter of a tavern owner, and has three children from her. His oldest, Jace, is his heir, and betrothed to his cousin Lysa.

Recent Events Edit

First Era Edit

Hothor held the position of Steward under Damon Velaryon, betraying him to his brother Varyo.

Second Era Edit

Hothor was named Castellan of High Tide and regent upon Varyo's flight.

Fourth Era Edit

Hothor retained control, sending Lysa with his sisters Velaena and Leonese Waters to Dragonstone. At the end of the War, Varyo aided him in killing Ser Jessen, who had assumed control of Driftmark in a coup. He was legitimised soon after.

Fifth Era Edit

Hothor and Jace bent the knee to the new King and Queen.

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