House Branch

House Branch of Grove Keep is one of numerous noble houses within the Seven Kingdoms, along with being one of four Wolfswood Houses in the North. Their seat is Grove Keep, an ancient Keep built deep within the Wolfswood. Their sigil is a branch with leaves on a field of green. Their official motto is "Reaching High". Since days of old House Branch has served as sworn bannermen to House Glover of Deepwood Motte, and still continue to serve as a loyal vassal. House Branch are noted to be excellent woodsmen, members of the family tend to have brown hair and grey eyes with a lean build from their time honing their craft as woodsmen.

Seat: Grove KeepEdit

Grove Keep is an ancient Keep and the seat of power of House Branch, the central Keep of the land known as Acorn Grove within the Wolfswood. It is situated deep within what most would consider to be the heart of the Wolfswood. Grove Keep is located southeast of Deepwood Motte, southwest of Ironrath, Northwest of Winterfell and North of Torrhen's Square. The fortress was built atop a stone hill, its natural defenses further enhanced with walls and other structures. Amidst its constructions, natural hot springs were discovered hidden within the rock and implemented into its construction millenia ago.

It's construction was started by Benjicot the Grove, the supposed mythical founder of House Branch, after performing a duty to House Glover with the lands being his reward for doing so. The date for when Benjicot ordered the construction has since been lost to the sands of time along with the date that its construction was finished, the only known thing being that the Age of Heroes was still alive and well when construction ended.

Grove Keep is a relatively decent sized castle, its constructed defenses consisted of two sets of walls. One of stone that surrounded and guarded the Keep with another being a palisade of wooden logs, circling the very hill it stood on. Four small, square towers stood tall on the corners of the stone wall, the sharp stone outcroppings from the hill creating a natural layer of defense with the only way into the keep being through the main gatehouse. Wooden walkways, platforms and towers dotting the outer wooden wall with a wooden gatehouse, the exterior of the palisade lined with sharpened stakes jutting out from the ground.

Inside the walls that is Grove Keep, several courtyards and small open spaces were used primarily for weapons training and practice. The inner ward of the Keep had a larger and older courtyard, its use mainly for archery practice. Deeper within the Keep stood the namesake itself and inside the Thicket Hall.

Important EventsEdit

Sixth EraEdit

Notable MembersEdit

Eddard Branch

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