House Bulwer of Blackcrown is a noble house from the Southwestern Reach, historically sworn to the Hightowers. Blackcrown is located on the northern coast of Whispering Sound. Their current Lord is Hugo Bulwer.

House Bulwer

House Bulwer's coat of arms: Sanguine, a bull`s skull argent.

House Bulwer's words are 'Death Before Disgrace', and this is a common war cry for the men of this House. Traditionally the men from House Bulwer have always been exceptional soldiers and knights, as well as loyal to their liege lords to the death.

Seat: Blackcrown Edit

Blackcrown is a small but well maintained stone holdfast, overlooking the Whispering Sound, with a small village beneath it's walls. The woods outside of Blackcrown are known to be prime hunting grounds, and the plains on which many of House Bulwer's villages lie are good grounds to graze cattle and bulls on, the main source of income for the Bulwer's.



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