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House Caron of Nightsong is one of the principal noble houses in the Stormlands, sworn to Storm's End. They hold the title "Lord of the Marches", suggesting that they have some kind of over lordship over other marcher lords in the Dornish Marches.

Their blazon is a field of black nightingales on yellow. Their words do not appear in the books, but according to semi-canon correspondence it is "No Song so Sweet."

Seat: NightsongEdit

Nightsong is the seat of House Caron. The formidable castle is located in the Dornish Marches in the southwestern Stormlands, north of the Prince's Pass and the Red Mountains.

Important EventsEdit

Prior to the First EraEdit

Ser Arlan and Dunk served Lord Caron and Lord Dondarrion when they fought the Vulture King in the Red Mountains. Lord Pearse Caron was one of the outstanding participants at the Ashford Tourney. He was a harper, singer and knight of renown, and had his personal arms emblazoned with a silver harp. Pearse chose Leo Tyrell as his opponent at Ashford. The match was even, and Pearse managed to shatter Leo's shield, but in the end he yielded. Lord Caron ignored Dunk when he was asked for help in the trial of seven.

In 287AC, Brienne of Tarth was promised to the younger son of Lord Bryen Caron, a shy boy with a mole above his lip, but two years later a chill caused his death, also taking the lives of Lord Caron, his wife and their daughters. This left young Bryce Caron as Lord of the Marches.

Two hundred years ago, House Caron was extinguished, after Bryce Caron was killed by Philippe Foote. Rolland, the Bastard of Nightsong, was regarded by Stannis as one of the few good men that remain to him after his defeat at the Blackwater. Thanks to his service to House Baratheon, Stannis legitimized Rolland, who returned to Nightsong to re-establish House Caron, by reconquering Nightsong. Rolland laid siege to the castle and history remembers it as one of the most difficult sieges, since the castle of Nightsong was built to defend the Dornish Marches from attacks from both the Reach and Dorne. House Foote was forgiven for the price of swearing its loyalty as House Caron's bannerman and Philippe Foote's head.

Two hundred years after House Caron had grown thanks to smart political unions in Dorne, the Stormlands and The Reach. Before the start of the First Era, Lord Bryce Caron, named in honor of his ancestor, would be married to Lady Alys Velaryon, the eldest daughter of Robert Velaryon, giving him two children. a few years before his sister, Marya Caron had married to Lord Sebastion Foote, to ensure the continuity of the alliance between House Foote and House Caron. Rhaenys is their only daughter and the second of Lord Caron and Alys's children, the first being Corliss.

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Notable MembersEdit

Bryce Caron (deceased)

Alys Caron

Corliss Caron

Rhaenys Caron

Maris Caron