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House Clegane is a house of landed knights in the westerlands. They hold fealty to House Lannister of Casterly Rock, and are among their primary bannermen. Their lands are southeast of the Rock and include a towerhouse which is named Clegane's Keep. Their sigil is three dogs on a yellow field.

Seat: Clegane's Keep Edit

Clegane's Keep is a towerhouse which is located southeast of the Rock in the Westerlands. It is a short, leaning mess of stone located on a moutain ridge, guarding the passage through the valley towards Hetherspoon and Lannisport. Its village is small and ugly, and the path from the town to keep is so steep that riders have to dismount to make the climb.

The keep has a dread reputation

History Edit

Prior to the First Era Edit

The first knight of House Clegane was kennelmaster at Casterly Rock until one autumn year when he saved Lord Tytos Lannister from a lioness and lost a leg and three dogs in the effort. As a reward, Tytos gave him lands and a towerhouse and took his son as his squire. The three dogs on the Clegane sigil represent those that died saving Tytos.

The kennelmaster's son, the father of Gregor and Sandor, died in a hunting incident shortly after King Robert I Baratheon was crowned. Their sister died young under queer circumstances. Gregor was known for his unspeakable cruelty; whilst Sandor was driven away by this behavior, taking service with House Lannister and refusing to take a knight's vows to avoid association with his elder.

Gregor was knighted by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, the heir of King Aerys II Targaryen. During the Sack of King's Landing, Gregor murdered Rhaegar's son, the infant Prince Aegon Targaryen, before raping and murdering his mother and Rhaegar's bride, Princess Elia Martell

House Clegane's history is dark and filled with blood.

Important Events Edit

Quotes Edit

"[W]hat was said of the Cleganes must be true... that you are all born half-man and half-dog, with the black blood of the Mountain running through your veins."

Members Edit

Gerald Clegane, the Knight of Clegane's Keep

Tytos Clegane

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