House Rogare is a famous noble freeholder family of Lys. They were previously known for their founding of the Rogare Bank, which at one point was more powerful than the Iron Bank of Braavos. 


House Rogare are the most well known of Lys' noble families, due to their ties to the Targaryens and massive wealth. However, they fell from grace during unrest in Lys and in Westeros. One member of the House would even lead an army against Lys. Eventually, they recovered much of their fortune, however the Rogare Bank would never be as successful again.

They possessed a Valyrian Steel Sword named 'Truth.'

The main branch of the Rogares had their manse within the city limits. The main branch were know for being depraved and cruel, with interests in the Lyseni Cults, Alchemy and the higher mysteries. A Lord Aero Rogare, owner of Seldys, was head of the house in 480 AC.  Varyo Velaryon was offered as a husband to Nohia Rogare, a scion of the house in 488 AC, but it was taken as an insult. 

Recent HistoryEdit

Third EraEdit

The control of the main branch of the Rogares has passed to two twins, rumoured to be living together as husband and wife. They were murdered during Varyo's rise to power when their slave, Seldys opened their manse to the rioters. Truth was given as a gift from the eunuch to Varyo upon his ascession as Prince, although he was unaware of its name for some time.

Nohia Rogare was employed as diplomat for Volantis . She would not attempt to visit Lys.

Fourth EraEdit

Seldys took control of the Rogare Bank. Nohia continued on her duty as an Envoy for Volantis

Fifth EraEdit

Nohia Rogare would serve as head of the Volantine delagation to the Concert of the Daughters. Seldys allowed her silencing during the conference. 

Sixth EraEdit

Under political pressure Seldys agreed to hand over two of the keyholder seats of the banks to a minor branch of the Rogares from outside the city. It is rumoured that the other branches are richer and more powerful than they at first appeared. 

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