House Spicer of Castamere is a noble house from Castamere in the Westerlands. They blazon their arms with three black pepperpots on a saffron bend, across a field of green and silver stripes.

250px-House Spicer

Seat: CastamereEdit

Castamere is a ruined castle located near Tarbeck Hall and the Crag in the Westerlands. The former seat of House Reyne, Castamere contains gold mines. After the War of the Five Kings, it became the seat of House Spicer. The part of the castle above ground was restored, but most of the part below is lost.

Important EventsEdit

Prior to the First EraEdit

The house is relatively new. The grandfather of the current Spicers was a spice trader and the grandmother a maegi from the east.

First EraEdit

Second EraEdit

Third EraEdit

In the third era, Antatio revealed the poor state of the Westerlands' mines to other high lords, bringing down the ire of King Damon Lannister. Deeming Lord Spicer incompetent, Damon replaced the Maester at Castamere, as well as the lord's advisors.

Notable Members Edit

Tyana Spicer

Antario Spicer

Sybell Spicer

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