Stokely Crest

House Stokely of Stokeworth is a noble house from the Crownlands. Sworn to King's Landing, they live at nearby Castle Stokeworth north of the capital. They blazon their arms with a white lamb holding a golden goblet on an ermine field with three red chevrons, combining the arms of their parent house, Rosby, and those of House Stokeworth, former holders of their castle from whom they claim distant descent. Their motto is "Proud to be Faithful", which were also the words of House Stokeworth.

Seat: Stokeworth Edit

Stokeworth, also known as Castle Stokeworth, is the seat of House Stokely in the Crownlands. It lies near King's Landing to the north.

Important Events Edit

Prior to the First Era

House Stokely was formed during the reign of Davos I Baratheon when Stefford Rosby, brother of Lord Stannis Rosby, was given Castle Stokeworth and its titles as a reward for capturing it during the Red Stag War. The previous holders, House Tanner, were declared traitors to the realm and their only surviving member, Abelar Tanner, disappeared. Stefford Rosby's son and successor Tommen changed his name to Stokely to distinguish his house, now lords in their own right, from House Rosby. He also adopted elements of the crest and words of House Stokeworth, the house that held the castle before House Tanner. Later Stokelys would claim descent from House Stokeworth through a cousin of that house who married a Rosby, though official records have not been found to support this.

First Era

House Stokely declared for King Harys Baratheon in the Ascent of the Lion but Lord Janos Stokely never left Castle Stokeworth with his forces and surrendered peaceably to King Damon Lannister without participating in any battles.

Second Era

Third Era

Fourth Era

Fifth Era

Early on in 505 AC, Ser Jacen Stokely, son and heir of Lord Janos Stokely, was killed in Kings Landing by Ser Benfred Tanner, after an argument over the legitimacy of house Stokely's claim to Stokeworth.

Notable Members Edit

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