House Vaith of the Red Dunes is a Dornish noble house. Their seat, also named Vaith, is placed on the river with the same name. West of Vaith are the deep sands of Dorne the head of House Vaith has the title Lord of the Red Dunes.

In appearance, the men and women of Vaith are typically slender, tanned, with dark hair and vulpine, elegant eyebrows.

Seat: VaithEdit

Vaith is the seat of House Vaith in Dorne. It lies on the river Vaith, which in turn gives it life. With the deep sands of Dorne to the west, Vaith is the last lush settlement before the red dunes. The Vaith feeds several acres of fertile farmland, and grasslands out in the wilds. The area is perfect for grazing cattle, horses, and other forms of livestock. Leather, beef, grain and grapes are the goods with which those of Vaith take the most pride in. Their horses are unsurpassed, at least in their eyes, and there was never a sand steed so magnificent as one born and trained outside the pale keep.

There is a town beneath the towering walls of the pale keep, where the houses are made of mud, and whitewashed against the savage heat of the sun. Docks meet the river Vaith at the shoreline, and many merchants sell their wares in a small market near the jetties. Four small galleys patrol the river itself, keeping the peace and deterring smugglers.

Important EventsEdit

Prior to the First EraEdit

The Vaiths were adventuring Andals who settled in the hills east of the deep dunes and sands of Dorne. The nearby river soon took their name.

During the War of Conquest, Queen Rhaenys Targaryen flew upon Meraxes to Vaith but found the castle abandoned. During the First Dornish War, Lord Harlen Tyrell and his army marched from the Hellholt to capture Vaith, but they disappeared in the sands.

Cassella Vaith was the third mistress of King Aegon IV Targaryen. Old Lady Vaith was reportedly mad during the reign of King Aerys I Targaryen, though according to Egg, Ser Duncan the Tall could have been more courteous in what he said to her.

First EraEdit

The family traveled to Dorne for the funeral of Prince Aryyn Martell.

Second EraEdit

House Vaith bled on the Plains of Vasyugys along with other Dornish houses, and acquitted themselves admirably.

Fifth EraEdit

After being spurned by Eustace Tolland, House Vaith marched under the orders of Marlon Vaith.

Notable MembersEdit

Lord Marlon Vaith

Lady Amerei Vaith

Ayrmidon Vaith

Meliana Vaith

Jammos Vaith

Sylva Vaith

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