House Whitehill is a noble house from the wolfswood in the North of Westeros. They bent the knee to Stannis Baratheon at the end of the War of the Five Kings, but remained loyal bannermen to the Boltons. Their words are 'Rise Above All'.

Their sigil represents the barren hill on which their seat is situated - stripped bare of ironwood trees centuries ago.

Seat: Highpoint Edit

The Whitehills have held the castle of Highpoint for centuries. Whilst its lands no longer host vast Ironwood forests, the open space around the fortress, coupled with its elevated location, make Highpoint a powerful stronghold.

SOW Highpoint Art

Highpoint's stone walls lacks the longevity of Ironrath's Ironwood foundations, and the castle is slowly tumbling into disrepair. It is currently undergoing major reconstruction.

Highpoint, as its name suggests, is situated upon a steep hill somewhere in the North. This hill was once covered by a dense ironwood forest, which was stripped bare. The barren hill then became the sigil of House Whitehill.

Important Events Edit

Prior to the First Era Edit

During the War of the Five Kings, House Whitehill was defeated by House Forrester. Ludd Whitehill, the Lord of Highpoint at the time, begrudgingly swore fealty to Stannis Baratheon, but made no further effort to participate during the war.

Shortly before the first era, House Whitehill and House Forrester fought a brutal and bitter conflict, resulting in hundreds of deaths on either side, including Rickard's third son: Kyren. The conflict ended in a mutual agreement for peace.

Sometime later, House Whitehill and House Ashwood formed a marriage alliance, after Alys Whitehill and Willem Ashwood were wed.

First Era Edit

Lord Rickard Whitehill marched with the Stark forces during the Ascent of the Lion.

Fifth Era Edit

House Whitehill and House Forrester formed an alliance, with House Whitehill taking control of a portion of the Ironwood forests.

With the reemergence of House Bolton, Lord Rickard Whitehill was called to The Dreadfort to meet with his liege lord.

Highpoint, already suffering from disrepair and ruin, was further damaged when a group of soldiers turned traitor and took control of the courtyard. The courtyard was almost burnt to the ground, and several of the walls were severely damaged. Damian Whitehill, Rickard's fourth son, was killed.

Seventh Era Edit

The condition of the castle worsening, one of Highpoint's towers collapsed and crushed numerous inhabitants.

Eighth Era Edit

House Whitehill formed an alliance with House Liddle. Brandon Whitehill managed to make a deal with Willem Ashwood to gain control of his levies for the coming conflict against Manderly.