James Arryn was the Lord Paramount of the Vale until his murder at the Tourney at Harrenhal. He is survived by his son, Theon Arryn


James Arryn was a charismatic and honorable man. He was appointed Warden of the East the age of nine and twenty.

James was taught archery, history, and sword fighting along with logging and the like. After completing his lordly studies, he was given a young eagle which he trained and raised. Along with his eagle he had a prized bow and a simple steel sword that he cherished. He was beloved by his people, who said that he had "a common man's heart in a nobleman's body."

Important Events

First Era

James Arryn was poisoned at the tournament of Harrenhal by Lord Emmon Baelish, who was acting on the enouragement of Rymar Royce, the Master of Whisperers for the Iron Throne.


"James’ face was beginning to fade in her mind, but whenever she looked at Theon she could see him again." - Elyssa Arryn

Family Members

Rumar Arryn, father (deceased)

Alanye Arryn, mother (deceased)

Theon Arryn, son

Lyanna Arryn, wife

Nathaniel Arryn,  brother

Dake Arryn, brother

Elyssa Arryn, sister

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