Jason Liddle, the Liddle (Lord Liddle) of the Liddle Clan.

Jon snow by toerning

History Edit

Jason is the third, and last living child of Arryk and Lyanna Liddle. He came into his position as the Liddle after poisoning, and killing his sickly father in secret at a mere four and ten years old.

For much of Jason's life, he has been subject to abuse by his father and first cousin once removed, Jorah Liddle, due mostly to his tendency to question mountain clan tradition and the discontent they had with him being the heir to his father's position. Seemingly unable to gain the physical strength often found and associated with male mountain clansmen, Jason preferred reading and study to fighting, which leads him to a near obsession with the Westerosi culture outside of the mountains. A reclusive, and cynical boy, Jason is driven by the belief that mountain clan tradition and culture is an outdated, and backward way of life that has kept his people from obtaining the power they are capable of holding.

Still learning the intricacies of leading his clan, Jason Liddle rules with careful consideration of how the neighboring clan leaders view him, with the hopes of one day uniting the mountain clans into a long-term alliance.

Important Events Edit

Sixth Era Edit

Jason Liddle becomes the Liddle (Lord) of the Liddle Clan.

Seventh Era Edit

Jason Liddle and Reynard Wull (The Wull of the Wull Clan) strike an agreement that opens trade between the two clans.

Norrey clansmen murder a Liddle farmer, resulting in their capture and execution by Jason's hand, and sparking tensions between the Liddle and Norrey clans. To address these tensions, Jason traveled up North seeking a trade agreement similar to that made with the Wulls, only to be declined and sent away by the Norrey when Jason refused to marry off his cousin, Elys. Shortly after, the mother of one of the Norrey clansmen Jason had executed, attempts to assassinate him. The suspicion that she was sent by the Norrey himself is seeded.

Aggar is appointed as the head of the Liddle Clan's Elder Council, and uses his position to oppose Jason.

In response to the news that a king beyond the wall has been crowned, Jason sends thirty warriors to the wall to assist the Night's Watch in repelling the invaders.

Eighth Era Edit

Rickard Whitehill arrives at Liddle Hill, and agrees to secretly advise Jason on matters of the clan while he is there. Shortly after, he arranges for Aggar's death with Rickard's help and plots to overthrow the Norreys. Jason is also trained in swordsmanship by Rickard, and is later gifted an Ironwood shield by the Northern lord.

Family Members Edit

Arryk Liddle, father (Deceased)

Lyanna Liddle, mother

Elys Liddle, cousin

Jorah Liddle, first cousin once removed

Robert Flint (of the First-Flints), Uncle

Quotes Edit

'The new Liddle, huh? Just a boy and all his clan’s burdens are already on his back. Poor sod.' -Thoughts of Harrold Wull

"I know your sort! Meat in one hand and dagger in the other, trying to bait out a kill as you vie for the king of the wood! I’ll make no deals with you. Get out of my sight!” -Theon (the Norrey) Norrey

'...But from what I have seen from him, he is a wise and just leader. Anyone else would have stormed the Norrey’s fortress and butchered them all, warriors and innocents alike. Aggar would have done such a thing. But The Liddle is different, and I’d argue he is wiser because of it.' -Rickard Whitehill

'Truth is he hates me because I don’t let him forget what he is. He’s mountain folk, no matter how much he wishes he wasn’t.' -Jorah Liddle

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