Jeor is one of the smallfolk from the Vale. He currently resides at the Hornwood. He is currently one-and-twenty.


Jeor was born in 487 AC to Rodrik, a smith, and Lysara. He is their third child. Even though his family didn't have lots of money, they still managed to have a good life.

Important Events

Third Era

Jeor meets Ronnel, a stableboy, and the two begin a secret relationship.

Fifth Era

Ronnel commits suicide, leaving Jeor with Rodrik. The two have an estranged relationship.

Sixth Era

Rodrik discovers Jeor had a gay relationship and exiles him from their home. Jeor falls into depression, carving into his wrists and contemplating suicide. He arrives at Winterfell and blacks out. He explains his situation to Maester Lucas, who then tells Lady Bethany Stark about what has happened. Jeor is denied a place at Winterfell and so he travels to the Hornwood. He meets his dog Hero near the city. Outside the walls he attempts suicide by stabbing himself in the leg with the knife Ronnel stabbed himself with. He explains his situation to Brandon the Bearfist, who offers him a place to stay at the Hornwood.


"What family name? We're not one of the Great Houses; hell, we're not even in a House! We're just a bunch of people who won't have any impact on the world! How do my relationships affect you in any way, Father? What gives you the right to tell me who I can and can't love?"

"I used to think you were a good man. Even though you would make mistakes, you would always try to go above and beyond what was required to fix them. What has made you stray so far from that path? How can you not see past my relationships and say, "Even though I may not agree with this, I will always support my son, no matter the consequences?'"

"It is a very long story, but if you would like to hear it then I will tell it."

"I had a relationship with a stable-boy. He ultimately committed suicide, leaving me with my estranged father. My father ultimately found out about this relationship and exiled me from his house in the Vale. I only had the clothes on my back, my sword and the knife my lover used to kill himself. The last thing I remember was hearing the guards and then everything just went black. I had no food or money, and I ended up carving into my wrists just to try and numb the mental pain I was going through. I need a place to stay, which is why I wanted to know if Lord Jojen was here. I have no money to pay for a house or an inn, but I am willing to enter into his service if he would consider it."

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