Jonothor Vypren

Jonothor Vypren is the Lord of House Vypren. He grew up a sickly child and lost his mother at age 4, because of this his father stepped up to take more care of him until his recent death, leaving Jonothor to become Lord of Vypren with no parents or siblings, only an uncle, cousins and other advisers.

History Edit

Born before 490 AC, Jonothor grew up a sick child. His mother was also often ill and died when Jonothor was only 4 years old. Jonothor's father stepped up to take more care of the boy, mostly isolating himself from the rest of the Riverlands. His father was paranoid and the only outside affair he took part in was Brynden Frey's petition to the King to gain paramouncy of the Riverlands. His father's was only just starting to become less paranoid before his death when Jonothor was getting better. He opened the castle's gates for a first time in years around 504 AC, but after his death Jonothor close them again - an idea which his maester didn't approve of. His maester convinced him to open back up the gates and face his fears, inspiring Jonothor to want to become a better lord.

Recent History Edit

Sixth Era Edit

Jonothor's cousin, Steffon, returned to Castle Vypren to offer Jonothor a chance to see the world outside of the castle. Jonothor accepted and, for the first time, left Castle Vypren to his smallfolk and see the Riverlands.

Quotes Edit

Family Edit

Emmon Vypren, father (deceased)

Serra Vypren, mother (deceased)

Stafford Vypren, uncle

Steffon Vypren, cousin and captain of household guard.

Jasper Rivers, bastard cousin

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