Jory Hill and other Kingswood Cloaks

Ser Jory Hill is the leader of the Kingswood Cloaks, titled as Warden of the Kingswood.

History Edit

Jory served as a member of Lannisport's City Watch for an unknown amount of time, becoming a close friend of Eon Crakehall along with Kevan Stackspear as a result of their loyalty and competence.

Recent History Edit

Third Era Edit

When Eon Crakehall became Master of Laws, Jory was one of select few chosen by the former Captain of the City Watch to become part of his household guard in King's Landing.

Despite his status as a bastard, Jory was later appointed to command the newly-established Kingswood Cloaks. Although his lowbirth caused problems at first, he quickly settled into the role and his men accepted him once he was shown to be a successful leader.

Fifth Era Edit

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