Jory Pyke
Jory Pyke is the bastard son of the late Lord Bael Codd. He is a crew member of the Lamentation and serves beside his brother Lord Yohn Codd, head of House Codd.


Jory is the bastard son of Lord Bael Codd and one of his salt wives. He lived his early life on bad terms with his father although he has a strong bond with his younger brother Yohn Codd.

Recent HistoryEdit

Fifth EraEdit

Jory became a part of the crew upon the Iron Victory under the command of Dagon Greyjoy.

During the War of the False King Jory participated in the siege of Highgarden as well as assisting in the capture of the Shield Islands in aid of the Iron Throne.

Jory sided with Lorren Saltcliffe when he assumed the position of Lord Commander of the Iron Fleet after the presumed death of Dagon Greyjoy. When the Iron Victory was overran with men who viewed Lorren as a traitor Jory fled onto his brothers ship, The Lamentation, in order to escape his death.

Family MembersEdit

Bael Codd, father (deceased)

Yohn Codd, brother

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