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Josua, son of a dock official, is a lowborn, former dock-hand in King's Landing and a aspiring warrior currently in the capital. Hoping to rise above his position.


Born to a westerosi father on a voyage to the free city of Braavos and a woman of the summer islands, Josua was brought back to Westeros by his father when he was young, before his second name day. His father, instead of abandoning the child, took a job as a minor dock official and raised him there, eventually working on the dock as a full blown dock-hand by the time he turned ten. Growing up on the wharves, the young man began to dream, every tale that passed a sailors lips, he heard. Determined to make a name for himself, he hoped to become a warrior one day.

Important eventsEdit

Sixth EraEdit

Josua, discontent with a life of manual labor on the docks for the rest of his life, decides to strike out on his own for a chance to rise up and make a name for himself, much to his fathers chagrin. Leaving his father's service as a dock hand, Josua searches for a hedge knight to squire for or a chance to join the gold cloaks in order to learn how to fight.


Family membersEdit

Terrence, father

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