Kraznys mo Nakloz is the leader of Tazal mo Nakloz (his father's) civic guard.


Kraznys is an idiot, but an effective one. A mountain of a man, towering over his peers. Sadly, he is lacking in intelligence, and is a continual embarrassment to his father. Kraznys eschews his given name, preferring to go by Korze, Valyrian for 'longsword' - for he carries a giant sword, curved in the eastern style, six-feet long, and ridiculously heavy.

Kraznys is often very lax in his duties, sneaking off without his father's knowledge to fight in Astapors arenas. He is a simple fellow, who knows what he likes (including a penchant for young bed slaves) and is happy to follow orders almost as mindlessly as the Unsullied. Korze often hums to himself, loudly and tunelessly.


“You are a goat’s arse... and like a goat’s arse, you continually spout shit." - Tazal mo Nakloz about Kraznys

"By the Graces, Kraznys, there are camels with more brains than you." - Tazal mo Nakloz about Kraznys

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