From the Kuo clan vault

But they never thought gold could rust. - Kygo

Kygo is a young swordsman-mercenary who wanders his ancestral lands of Yi Ti in search of fair pay, some semblance of a bed and a roof over his head.


I was banished for being broken. - Kygo

Note: The following is from Kygo's character application on the GOTRP reddit sub.

Kygo was born the first son of Shen Kuo, one of the hundred princes of the Golden Empire of Yi Ti.

Throughout his childhood, his day-to-day life had been ruled by custom and ritual. His destiny was preordained by the omens attached to his birth, the circumstances of which were meticulously planned so that he would enjoy a favourable future.

As Kygo grew up, he continually fell shy of meeting his ambitious parents' high expectations, despite trying his hardest to please them. He frequently turned to combat training as a means of venting his frustrations.

As a result, Kygo developed a high competence for fighting by his mid-teens, something which his parents were quick to exploit by entering him in various competitions with other nobility.

However, at 16 years old and on the eve of his combat examination, his kneecap was shattered in a melee. Crippled, his place in the prestigious examination was nullified and his dream to become a high-ranking military official was destroyed.

Since deformity of any kind was regarded unequivocally to bring bad luck, Kygo slowly deteriorated under the strain of almost complete isolation. He drank profusely to detach himself from his painful reality.

Then one night, Kygo escaped his well-guarded rooms against his parents' strict instructions. He was soon caught.

His father in particular could not forgive such a dishonour. He disowned Kygo and named Kygo's younger brother as heir of the Kuo clan.

During his years as a beggar, Kygo began to train himself to manoeuvre his body with renewed comfort and competence despite his lower-body defect.

Eventually, he gained enough mobility in his body to earn his way as a swordsman-mercenary.

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