Lady Alayne Flint of Widow's Watch is the daughter of Lord Edric Flint of Widow's Watch (Deceased) and brother of Lord Benjen Flint of Widow's Watch (Current Lord of Widow's Watch).

Lady Alayne Flint of Widow's Watch

History Edit

Alayne was born in the Castle of Widow's Watch, to Edric Flint and Jeyne Flint. She was born a year after her brother, Benjen Flint. From a young age she was groomed to be the timid wife of some northern lord. During this training she learned useful skills in etiquette and courtesy. After her tenth name day however, she began to stray from her training as a loyal wife, and took an interest in the small intrigue occurring in Widow's Watch. Alayne then began teaching herself the ways of political and court intrigue.

Sometime after her thirteenth name day, Alayne began to develop a rivalry and hatred with her brother after he purposely destroyed a piece of embroidery she had been working on extensively for some weeks.

A fortnight before their wedding day, the scrawny, ugly lord Alayne was destined to marry unfortunately died during a hunting accident. After this unlucky accident, Alayne's father, Edric, started to look for another husband for Alayne, however most suitable lords were reluctant due to the fate of her earlier betrothed.

Over the passing years, Lord Edric Flint finally gave up on finding Alayne a husband. Alayne developed her political mind, finesse in intrigue, sharp tongue and quick wit. She also extended her politcal power within the lands of Widow's Watch, wrapping the roots of her influence around most in the surrounding hamlets and the Keep of Widow's Watch.

Eventually, Lord Edric Flint passed away, and Lady Jeyne closely followed, stricken by grief, she too passed. Benjen then took up the mantle of Lord of Widow's Watch. Alayne was none too happy, and began to train cousins and nieces of House Flint to serve under her for the politcal intrigue that would follow the event. She did everything in her power to undermine Lord Benjen Flint, her brother.

Recent History Edit

Sixth Era Edit

Lady Alayne Flint left Widow's Watch and rode for the Dreadfort, following Lord Benjen's fit of rage towards her.

Quotes Edit

Family Members Edit

Edric Flint, father

Jeyne Flint, mother

Benjen Flint, brother

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