Laryos Trevan is a captain and founder of the Moon Men, a sellsword company based around the Free Cities.


Originally from Volantis, Laryos founded the Moon Men on his own and built the company up over time. He mostly based his work around the Free Cities of Essos, but on several occasions sought work in Slaver's Bay.

Important EventsEdit

Second EraEdit

Laryos faced severe casualties when Volantis was sacked by Varyo Velaryon and his army. He later found work in Meereen, where the nobleman Gezzen mo Zahk wanted sellswords to help root out Dothraki led by Khal DrozhoCleos Baratheon and Aurane Flowers joined the Moon Men to secure passage out of Volantis, and with them Laryos and his men carried their work out in Meereen.

Third EraEdit

When the Coup of Meereen began, Laryos and the Moon Men sided with the rebelling slaves and pit fighters. Alongside the Manticore Riders and a group of pit fighters led by Sar'sian, they stormed the Great Pyramid, facing huge losses at the hands of sworn soldiers to the king and Unsullied.

During the attack, Laryos Trevan met his end at the hands of Zhanak of the Red Spear.

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