Leave the Rest Behind is a Westerlands song sung mainly by sailors.


I knew a girl from Lannisport, whose cooking tasted fine,

But then after she’d known me, she wanted to own me,

So her I left behind!

I turned my sails for Kayce and found, a woman sweet and kind,

But not two weeks ashore, and she proved quite the bore,

So her I left behind!

I met a lass from Fair Isle, who promised she’d be mine,

But if I were to bed her, she said I need wed her,

So her I left behind!

I sailed on down to Crakehall next, and found a lady fine,

But while her figure was full, the conversation was dull,

So her I left behind!

At Goldentooth they’re good and loose, and the Crag’s women are pale,

But if you want a wife who’ll give you a life, you need find one with sails,

And leave the rest behind, and leave the rest behind!

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