Ser Lomas Dalt was the previous Knight of the Lemonwood and head of House Dalt. He was the father of Eleyna, Casella and Janna Dalt. He was murdered by his daughter, Eleyna Dalt.


History Edit

Lomas Dalt was born the first of the two sons of his father. His brother, Tytos Dalt, grew to become the better swordsman and overall warrior, and this caused Lomas to resent him from a young age. This resentment was also fueled by their father, who clearly spoiled his younger son. When their father passed away, Lomas inherited the Dalt title and lands, and Tytos was made to leave Dorne in exile. He is currently wandering Essos in a sellsword band, searching for work.

Lomas married a woman from House Ladybright, and with her fathered three daughters: Eleyna, Casella and Janna. It is well known around Lemonwood that Lomas wanted male heirs, and he actively spurned his children when alive.

He was a drunkard and beat his daughters when younger. Some say that Ser Lomas went even further than beating, but there is no proof of this as of yet.

He was murdered by his own daughter Eleyna for personal reasons, and as he had decided to raise his banners for Andrey Martell.


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