Lord Dour is a song written by Beren Merryweather which earned him the animosity of the Valemen accompanying him. The song is about how Nathaniel Arryn became Lord regent for his brother's son Theon Arryn.


Let me tell you the story of a Falcon most wise

He ruled o’er the vale to the day that he died

None would have guessed how soon he would fall

Nor that it'd be at the tourney of old Harrenhal

The weapon of women the Titan did pick

He poisoned the Warden, left the Vale to his chick!

So they called in the cruel brother, the Falcon most grim,

The justice, the cold one, to rule then for him!”

“He did so with iron, with bronze and with steel

All without honor, his wrath they would feel

The bird never smiled down from his nest of power,

So they named him the Stone Man, Lord Falcon the Dour!