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Loren Hill is a bastard of House Clegane.

History Edit

Born to a miller, the giant Loren Hill had rejected his bastard status with a disturbing ferocity. Every jape was met with a fist, every bully was pummeled and every disapproving septa would be found naked and bruised. His wrath was terrifying to all the children and teens in the area.

Important Events Edit

Fifth Era Edit

Ser Penbrook was the unfortunate man sent to investigate Loren's mother. Lord Gerion Clegane had sent out knights to find all of his bastards. An unfortunate accident led to Loren Hill burying his hatchet deep into the hedge knight's head.

The Stray Dog was a last resort from Gerion. After the death of his heir in the Ascent of the Lion and the death of his second born son by greyscale, Gerion needed a strong male Clegane to inherit his lands. The Stray Dog was a gambit which only cost him a mere three and thirty dragons.

Family Edit

Gerion Clegane, father

Quotes Edit

"Duty is no sword, not even a weapon. Duty is a chain which wraps around us, binding even as it protects us. Chains of Duty are easy to break, but in doing so a man becomes just as broken. Cherish your chains, for one day duty will be all you have."

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