Lorent Marbrand is the current Head of House Marbrand, and Lord of Castle Ashemark and it's surrounding town. He was granted the mantle of Lordship after his Father's untimely death in 510 AC.


History Edit

Lorent was born in 488 AC to Gerion Marbrand and his wife, Lysa Marbrand, formerly of House Lefford. At a young age, he was sent to be fostered at Casterly Rock, where he made many a friend of the other young lords that were being fostered at the Rock. He was even there at the same time as King Damon Lannister, however the ten year age gap meant little interaction.

At the Rock, he received an advanced court education, warfare teachings and swordsmanship lessons. He took a special liking to dueling, and often challenged the other lordlings.

After he came of age, he returned to Ashemark for a number of years, before then splitting his time between the Rock and Ashemark.

Important Events Edit

Seventh Era Edit

After his father died, Lorent became Lord of Ashemark and it's surrounding lands, and was placed at the helm of House Marbrand. Lorent ordered the immediate repair of House Marbrand's gold mines in the Pendric Hills. He also began the revitalization of Ashemark's town and it's infrastructure.

After being visited by a mysterious knight, Lorent was informed of a conspiracy against House Lannister. Lorent informed his Lady Paramount of this, choosing a side and proving his loyalty to the Lannisters.

Family Members Edit

Gerion Marbrand (Father, Deceased)

Lysa Marbrand (Mother)

Catelyn Marbrand (Sister)

Alysanne Marbrand (Sister)

Addam Marbrand (Brother)

Tywin Marbrand (Uncle)

Myrcella Lydden (Aunt)