Lyonel Baratheon, also known as "The Weeping Storm," ruled from 442-444. He was born in 420 and died in battle during the War of the Split Stag, against his brother Durran Baratheon, aged 24.


-Chosen by a Grand Council after the treason of the Treacherous Twelve.

-Well loved by all before Kingship

-Before kingship one of Lyonels close friends was found out as a traitor to the realm, his friend called for a Trial by Combat against Lyonel, and it is said after Lyonel killed his friend he spent a week weeping in grief.

-Heavy taxes on all after being given the crown quickly changed public opinion of him

-Shortly after the Council decided upon Lyonel for the throne, his twin brother Durran, fled from Kings Landing. Once the higher taxes had been brought Durran started treating with the High Lords, bringing them to his side. Durran and the other rebels brought war to the loyalists and his brother, eventually culminating in a Siege of Kings Landing and a battle between Lyonel and Durran, where Durran struck down his brother and claimed the throne.

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