Lysandro is a prominent Lysene sculptor and architect.


History Edit

Lysandro was born to a Lysene ferryman, and spent much of his boyhood in his father's boat. While they would wait for wealthy client to leave their favourite pleasure houses or balls held by the noble elite, Lysandro would marvel at the towering columns so intricately carved, exquisite scenes of high art. It was there that the seeds of ambition were planted.

He was for a while a junior boatman, but preferred to spend his time drawing on scrap parchment with charcoal. In time, he became apprentice to a known sculptor - and thence began a flourishing career. Now he is artist and architect, with more than a few patrons among the freeholders of Lys. Business has suffered somewhat since the purge of the magistracy, but no matter; fame is immaterial after all.

Recent HistoryEdit

Seventh Era Edit

Lysandro has achieved a reasonable amount of success, and lives quite comfortable in a manse of his own design.

Quotes Edit

Family Edit

Baetho - father

Kelys - mother

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