In Lys, many of the ruling classes traditionally join secret societies and cults. In recent years several have sprung up.

Notable Active Cults Edit

The Keepers of Starry Wisdom Edit

Based on teachings from Yi-Ti, this group is popular with the more wealthy end of Lyseni society. They worship a number of artifacts supposedly given to them by their god through falling stars. Their hidden gatherings also serve as social events.

The Theonian Order of the Twisted Knot Edit

These are a home grown cult based on the more esoteric teachings of the founder of Lyseni alchemy. Most of their followers belong to guilds.

The Hidden Temple of Blessed Signs Edit

An apocalyptic offshoot of traditional Valyrian folk religion. They hold secret purification ceremonies in different locations every night and shave their heads.

The Followers/Heralds of the Broken King Edit

A number of R'hllori radicals loosely grouped together by street prophets. They believe the lights in the sky herald the coming of their leader, who will usher in the birth of Azor Azai and the great war for the dawn. They are notable for having members from all parts of Lyseni society.

The Fifth God Edit

Based out of Summertown, the Fithists are believers in the Summer Gods who add the sinister Fifth God to the pantheon. Some believe they perform blood rituals and credit disappearances in the Old City between Summertown and the Alchemist's Guildhall to them. Many believe they are linked to Qohor, due to the masks they wear during their ceremonies.

Cults Presumed Not Active Edit

The Golden Dawn Edit

A notorious cult devoted to creating a saviour called the Moonchild through blood magic and sexual rituals. The Golden Dawn were caught attempting a kidnapping of a Magister's daughter, and were presumably wiped out in 496.

The Illuminated Brotherhood Edit

Not strictly a cult, but was treated as such by both its members and those without. The Illuminates believed that magics and mystical acts were harmful to society as a whole, and lead to the danger of touching upon the 'deeper mysteries,' that they believed underpinned the world. They had much influence amongst Lys' nobility and guilds, and were considered to be a powerful force in the city. However, their beliefs lead to conflicts with other cults and with the Alchemists, and were supposedly destroyed by 487.

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