Maelys Drahar is the Archon of Tyrosh, the cities highest ranking statesman. He was elected to the post after amassing the respect of his peers through shrewd business decisions that saw him go from a lower middle class merchant, to the owner of one of the largest private trading fleets in all of Essos. He was elected by the Tyroshi council and soon made his stance on slavery known city wide. He has three children, trpilets, from his wife, a native of Lys.

Important Events: Edit

Fifth Era: Edit

Maelys assumed control of the city in the Archon election. He created Tyrosh's first standing army by offering freedom to slaves after a five year tour of duty.

He also is in the midst of an attempt to spread his influence to Westeros, having crafted a loose alliance with Dorne, and sending his son, Haegon Drahar, to treat with other Westerosi Leaders.

Family: Edit

Serenei Drahar: Wife 35

Bellegere Drahar: Daughter 17

Ferrago Drahar: Son 17

Haegon Drahar: Son 17

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