Maric is a Dornish well owner and paramour to Princess Sarella Martell.

History Edit

Little is known about Maric's history, except that he is of no noble family but rose to some degree of influence in spite of it. He controls one of the wells in Dorne, where it is said that water is more precious than gold, and knows how to wield a sword.

Important Events Edit

Fourth Era Edit

In the fourth era, Maric came to Sunspear's court to complain to Sarella Martell about the Pentoshi refugees, who he wanted to bar from using Dornish wells. She sent him away, on the basis that one man's opinion was not enough to warrant action.

Fifth Era Edit

Maric returned to Sunspear with more supporters from the well owners of Dorne. Again Sarella sent him away, though this time promising an audience. Instead, however, she sent her bastard brother Trystane Sand to meet with him. Angered by the slight, Maric returned to demand an audience with the Princess. Sarella promised one if he could bring all the well owners of the area to his side, what he called "an impossible task."

Maric did return, having succeeded in meeting the challenge. Sarella took him as a paramour.

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